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Over the 20+ years since CESS began, our network of contacts has grown exponentially, and continues to grow.  CESS now has a contact base of over 40,000 and our monthly e-mail newsletter of available equipment provides a direct line to potential buyers in the industry.

CESS receives around 200 enquiries per month, over 70% of which are from a buyer or broker actively seeking a piece of equipment to fit their required application.

Our sale record proves our ability to reach prospective buyers; CESS have to-date been instrumental in the sale of 81 gas turbines (totalling 2,895MW), 37 steam turbines (1,362MW), 110 diesel/gas engines (280MW), and 45 transformers (616 MVA) for a total sale value of US$197 Million.

Over 20 years in the industry have allowed CESS to refine and structure our marketing process, a 3-stage plan that aims to reach as many potential buyers as possible, focusing on known buyers with direct contact to recent urgent buyer enquiries.

Firstly a 2-page technical brochure is published outlining basic technical facts of the equipment that a prospective buyer would require to compare suitability of the equipment for their required application.

Confidentiality of the selling party is ensured in the technical brochure stage through the exclusion of any information specific to the Power Plant or equipment owners (e.g. serial numbers, location etc.)

The technical brochure is then distributed to the CESS mailing list and listed in the available equipment section of the CESS website, attracting over 1,000 separate visitors per month. The equipment will also be included in our monthly 50/60Hz sales list.

The longer an asset is listed, the greater the chance of reaching the appropriate End User. There is always however a trade-off between the ongoing cost of maintenance or “mothballing” of equipment waiting for a buyer and the capital loss of other disposal processes.  Therefore, CESS advises a 12-month listing period to maximise profit opportunity before considering alterative asset disposal processes.

All responses to CESS marketing, from distributed brochure, monthly newsletter and online listing, will be filtered for insubstantial enquiries, i.e. time wasters. Enquiries of interest will then be developed towards a point of significant interest. Any contacts showing significant interest will be asked to submit a confidential expression of interest, including a non-binding indicative bid.

From this point CESS facilitates the co-ordination of queries/issues raised by buyer or seller, this can include providing a CESS Valuation Report, for buyer or seller if valuation was not conducted prior to marketing.

CESS can also prepare a report on budgetary costs for the purchase, dismantling, and shipping of the equipment enabling the prospective buyer to make a balanced judgment on the viability of the particular equipment as an option. CESS will be available to accompany prospective buyers on site visits and support during negotiation discussions to reach an appropriate purchase agreement.

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