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CESS Steam Turbine Experience

During 1995, CESS was successful in the sale of a 25MW AEG steam turbine generator with auxiliaries to Binani Cement in India.

During 1996, the company completed a major contract for the South African Pulp & Paper Industries (SAPPI) cellulose plant at Umkomaas in Natal/Kwa-Zulu. This project (US$ 1.5 Million) involved the purchase, removal, and shipment of 2 x 6MW Siemens Gorlitz steam turbine generator sets from Gotha in Eastern Germany and their re-installation at the Sappi Saiccor Plant in South Africa.

In December 1996, CESS purchased and de-commissioned a 3MW Peter Brotherhood and 6MW AEI steam turbine generator set from BPB Paperboard’s Davidson Mill in Aberdeen, Scotland.

In August 1998 CESS was appointed by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to perform an initial valuation of all TVA’s surplus assets and in December 1998 TVA awarded a further 3 year Direct Marketing Contract to CESS for their surplus and unused equipment.  This equipment included some 1200MW ABB steam turbines and 8 x 6MW unused GE steam turbines.

During March 2000, CESS was contracted by PSEG Global Limited to perform inspection and market valuation on a 10MW Foster Wheeler/Siemens unused wood waste fired power plant in Malaysia.

In January 2001 CESS entered Valuation and 2 year Exclusive Marketing Agreement with Mighty River Power for the unused 250MW Marsden B Power Station in New Zealand.

In May 2001, CESS was contracted to inspect and prepare a preliminary market evaluation report on the 2000MW Inverkip Power Station for Scottish Power.

CESS was then contracted by Renova AB in Sweden to perform the inspection, valuation and marketing of their 14MW AEG steam turbine in waste-to-energy plan.

In October 2001, CESS secured a contract with Reliance Industries in India for the inspection, valuation, and marketing of a 25MW Siemens steam turbine.

In November CESS supported Sinclair Knight Merz in New Zealand in the valuation of a 17MW Alsthom steam turbine generator set.
In Dec 2001, CESS was approached by Price-Waterhouse-Coopers in Malaysia to prepare estimated resale values for an unused 7MW wood-waste/biomass power station, which one of their clients had decided not to install and planned to offer for ex-stock delivery.
CESS’s site activities during 2002 extended in valuation & appraisal work, with detailed technical due diligence being completed on a 300MW CCGT plant for Peak Pacific Power in China, which included an ABB (70MW), Siemens (17MW) and a Harbin (15MW) steam turbine.

During 2002, CESS also completed inspection and technical due diligence on the bottoming cycle equipment for 2 x 70MW CCGT plants (including 2 x unused Mitsubishi 70MW steam turbines) for projects in Bangladesh and Bali.

In March 2003, CESS secured the sale of a 1.5MW Dresser-Rand condensing steam turbine to Tiso DOO in Slovenia.  In September 2003, CESS was successful in the sale of a 15MW Siemens steam turbine from Danisco Sugar (Sweden) to RBNS Sugar Mills in India.

CESS was also successful in the sale of 2 x 1.25MW Daniel Adamson condensing steam turbines from Ministry of Defence (UK) to Haycarb in Sri Lanka. The units have now been relocated and are re-commissioned in Sri Lanka.

Lock Ewe Steam Turbine Transportation by CESS

In July 2003, CESS secured a contract with Fife Power (in Administration) for the valuation and exclusive marketing of a 124MW, low hours, GE Frame 6FA CCGT Power Plant with 57MW Ansaldo steam turbine at Cardenden in UK - This complete plant was sold to Scottish & Southern Energy plc in Feb 2004 for £ 12.3 Million.

In Dec 2004 CESS completed inspection and valuation of 13 steam turbines for CSR Sugar in Australia. In May 2005, CESS completed valuation and marketing of a zero-houred 10MW Siemens steam turbine in Poland.
In June 2005, CESS sold another 10MW AEG steam turbine from British Sugar to RBNS Sugar in India.
Mike Craigie at East Lancs Paper Mill sold by CESS


In July CESS was successful in sale of East Lancs Paper Mill plant (2 on 1 CCGT Tornado units)

CESS also completed inspection and appraisal of a 9MW Siemens steam turbine in Thailand in August 2005.

In Nov 2005 CESS was asked by Epcor to carry out inspection and valuation of their 4 x 165MW power Plant at Clover Bar in Edmonton.  

In March 2006, CESS was successful in sourcing of a replacement 24MW back pressure steam turbine for Hiang Seng Fibres in Thailand.

In June 2006, CESS completed preliminary inspection of a 6MW Siemens steam turbine in Ireland for MAN Sugar and in August CESS arranged for site inspections and dismantling quotations for Tata Chemical of India on a 30MW Back pressure steam turbine in Poland.

In Dec 2006, CESS was successful in the sourcing and valuation of a 96MW Siemens steam turbine for IPC in Bolivia and appraised 3 x 20-38MW Siemens steam turbines for BASF Refinery in Belgium.

In March 2007, CESS sold a 7MW steam turbine from Poland to Sree Rayalseema Group in India.

In July CESS also sold a 94MW Siemens machine to EGSA in Bolivia.

5MW Peter Brotherhood Steam Turbine sold by CESS in Australia


During July 2008 CESS was instrumental in the sale of a 300MW Steam Turbine from Belyea to Nucor in USA.

2.5MW Peter Brotherhood Steam Turbine sold by CESS in the Cayman Islands


In November 2007 CESS inspected and appraised a cyclone-damaged 2.5MW Peter Brotherhood steam turbine in Cayman Islands and subsequently sold this plant to Geodynamics in Australia.

In May 2008 CESS sold an unused 5MW Peter Brotherhood steam turbine & boiler on behalf of Gray’s Asset Recovery in Australia.

In September 2008 CESS worked on a Desktop Future Appraisal of 150MW Edenderry peat-fired Power Plant in Ireland.

In December 08 CESS was contracted to owners to inspect and appraise the 10.5MW Arbre Biomass CCGT Power Plant.

In January 2010 CESS carried out summary appraisal on 13MW CCGT Plant in UK for PB Power and in April 2010 CESS arranged sale of 8MW Dresser Rand steam turbine to CENTRAL AZUCARERA TEMPISQUE SA in Costa Rica.

In May 2010 CESS arranged inspection of a Solar Centaur gas turbine with Perenco (Cameroon).

In May CESS completed appraisal on two x Tornado CCGT plant in UK.

In Dec 2010 CESS inspected and appraised some steam turbines in Puerto Rico.

In Feb 2012 CESS carried out a desktop future valuation a 125MW CFB peat fired plant.

In April 2012 CESS carried out desktop appraisal on a 30MW ABB Steam Turbine gen set in Australia.

In May 2012 CESS was contracted to London Waste to witness test run on a 2.7MW steam turbine from Triveni in Bangalore.

CESS was contracted to carry out site inspections and appraisals on various Gas Turbine and Steam Turbines in the 1020MW Sapele Power Plant and 414MW Geregu Power Plants in Nigeria.

In June 2012 CESS carried out (no load) testing on a new 2.7MW Triveni Steam Turbine in India for London Waste Ltd.

CESS was also contracted to Centrica on the inspection and appraisal of the CCGT plants at Roosecote, Glanford Brigg, and Peterborough bringing the year end valuation total for 2012 to 9,727MW

In March 2013 CESS inspected and appraised some 320MW Franco Tosi Steam Turbines and transformers in Italy.

In July 2013 CESS was contracted to provide inspection and valuation on two 70MW Westinghouse Steam Turbines & boilers in Italy and in October 2013 CESS was asked to support a previous client in appraisal and marketing of a 6MW back pressure steam turbine installed in South Africa.

In 2014 CESS supported a client with appraisal of 2 x Siemens CCGT 280MW steam turbine plant in Netherlands.

In Jan 2015 CESS secured a contract with MK Energie in France to source various Steam Turbines and Boilers for their projects in Africa and elsewhere. In June 2015 they secured a successful purchase of an 18MW Siemens ABB steam turbine at Ellesmere Port CHP.

In 2015 CESS appraised a 47MW steam turbine in New Zealand which was also part of CCGT plant and MHI701 CCGT plant in Australia. In June 2015 CESS also completed appraisal of Roll Royce RB211 in CCGT with an 8MW WH Allen Steam Turbine in Turkey.

61MW GE Steam Turbine Valued by CESS in Sydney


In July 2015 CESS completed a desktop appraisal on 2 x Frame 6 CCGT plant at Aylesford for RWE and in May 2016 CESS completed an appraisal on a 50MW biomass powered steam turbine in UK for Sembcorp.

150MW Siemens Steam Turbine Valued by CESS in Germany

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