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AECI Operations Services (Pty) Ltd - Republic of South Africa AECI
Over a 12 month period, C.E.S.S. were commissioned by AECI Operations Services (Pty) Ltd to assist in evaluating the potential for Combined Heat and Power Installations at the Umbogintwini Complex in Durban, South Africa. C.E.S.S. performed their duties and tasks to the satisfaction of AOS management and I have no limitation in recommending C.E.S.S. and in particular Mike Craigie, to any persons or companies involved In the sourcing and evaluation of CHP plant and systems.
Gordon Blackwood - Site Utilities Manager


Arthur Andersen & Co. - Kuala Lumpur Arthur Andersen
I advise Combustion, Energy & Steam Specialists Limited ("CESS") was appointed on 13 June, 2001 to conduct an appraisal of two power barges belonging to our clients. I am pleased to confirm that the services provided by CESS were both timely and professional.
Chew Cheng Leong - Special Administrator


Bord Na Mona - Ireland
Bord Na Mona Energy Ltd requested CESS for carry out a site valuation on a 128 MW Peat and Biomass fired Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) boiler and steam turbine generating equipment together with a 116 MW Pratt & Whitney 2 x FT8-3 Peaking Plant. CESS mobilized to site, completed the valuation and issued the report in a very professional, accurate and efficient manner. I would not hesitate in recommending their services to others.
Tom Egan - Asset Manager


British Gas - Tunisia
BG Tunisia
After trying unsuccessfully to source replacement Woodward Control Boards for the governing system on our LM2500 gas turbine, we contacted Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists to assist in our quest. CESS responded in a prompt and professional manner and located the necessary parts within a matter of days - The cards were shipped direct to us and we were "up and running" again with the minimum of downtime.
We will have no hesitation in calling on their extensive knowledge within the power generation market for any of our future requirements and we would highly recommend the capabilities and various services offered by CESS to anyone in need - as they certainly proved to us to be an invaluable support in our time of distress.
James A Davies. - Electrical Engineer BGTL


Carrack Limited - United Kingdom
Carrack Limited
Combustion Energy and Steam Specialists Ltd (CESS) was commissioned by Carrack Ltd to produce a Report comprising External Survey and Market Valuation for the Ruston TB5000 Gas Turbine Trailer-mounted Power Plant which was being offered for sale by a UK Utility. Their Report was instrumental in allowing Carrack to evaluate a response to the bid invitation and to prepare their subsequent submission. - It was both competent and professional and we look forward to continuing our association with CESS.
C. R. Newman - Managing Director


Diamond Generating Asia Limited
Diamond Generating Asia
Diamond Generating Asia Limited asked CESS to perform a quick desk top valuation for an asset belonging to one of its affiliate companies (CESS came highly recommended by people known to DGA). The asset consisted of 4 GE frame 9 gas turbines, one steam turbine and BOP. As per our request CESS completed the report in an expedited manner, the reference data used for valuation was very specific to the task on hand. We appreciate CESS’s track record and data base in the valuation and disposal of used equipment in the power industry, and would not hesitate using them again.
Jagjit (Jay) Sohi - VP Engineering & Operations,Diamond Generating Asia Ltd


Esso Petroleum Company Limited - United Kingdom Esso Petroleum
Please accept my sincere thanks for your efforts In arranging the effective disposal of various plant from our Abingdon offices. I do need to take this opportunity to comment upon your service to Esso Petroleum as I have found your service to be of excellent quality meeting our needs precisely. I also thank you for the work of you and your team, Your team has been polite, helpful and effective throughout.
George Dawson - Group Head, MSD ERCA


E.Z.H. n.v. Electriciteitsbedrijf Zuid-Holland EZH
In the last two years, while trying to sell our surplus steam and gas turbine installations, EZH got a lot of support by valuation and marketing the equipment from CESS from Orkney Islands, Scotland. Within our dealings with CESS we were entirely satisfied with CESS's valuation capabilities and market intelligence.
Hans Peters


GE Capital - Indonesia GE Capital
We wish to confirm that CESS were instrumental in arranging the sale and disposal of two surplus Solar "Centaur" Turbines from our premises in Indonesia, and gave us every satisfaction in their professional approach to valuation and marketing.
Frans Louis Lewerissa


GE Greenwich Caledonia - United Kingdom GE Capital
This letter confirms our support to Combustion Energy and Steam Specialists for the provision of marketing and valuations for gas turbine based projects. We have been completely delighted with their marketing support during our sales activities on various gas turbine projects.
Stephen A. Holmes - Director International Industrial Marketing


Independent Power Corporation PLC IPA
During the period between August 2004 and July 2005, IPC approached CESS requesting equipment solutions for various power projects in Bolivia, South Africa, etc.
CESS were then instrumental in facilitating the acquisition of two Tornado CCGT units from East Lancs Paper Mill in UK which are now being installed in South Africa, and an unused GE Frame 6FA unit from El Paso Corp in USA, which is being converted to 50 Hz and installed in Bolivia.
CESS not only provided full technical details, but also support in costing of conversions, dismantling, relocation and shipping, and also timely introductions to various supporting companies in the refurbishment/conversion, re-installation and commissioning of the available equipment.
We would like to extend this letter as a mark of our appreciation for the skill and timely performance of CESS in sourcing such equipment, and for the professional way in which CESS handled their support during these somewhat protracted transactions.
Mike Eyre - Head of Engineering


Mott Macdonald - United Kingdom Mott MacDonald
I have known Mike Craigie and his company since my Hong Kong days and believe that he is worth keeping in touch with.
I believe that he is honest and straight. CESS are a broker for used and cancelled power station orders and he has undertaken some fairly large projects.
John Bacon - Engineering Manager


Negris Limited - Nigeria Negris Limited
Negris Limited is pleased to confirm that Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists Limited (CESS) have provided the inspection and valuation report on the Ewekoro Plant near Lagos, Nigeria which consisted of 4 x 3.3 MW Bergen KVGS-18G3 gas engines.
Michael Burnett - Group Corporate Strategy


Offshore Power Corporation Ltd - Gibraltar Offshore Power Corporation
Offshore Power Corporation Limited is pleased to confirm that Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists Limited (CESS) have provided assistance in sourcing used power generation equipment for OPC's projects in South America and Africa, and has greatly assisted in providing valuations of such equipment. OPC has no hesitation in recommending the services of CESS in this capacity..
Stuart L Bentham - Vice President


Patum Rice Mill and Granary Public Company Limited - Thailand Patum
Patum Rice Mill and Granary Public Company Limited are pleased to confirm that Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists Limited (CESS) have provided a Market Evaluation Report on our 9 MW Siemens Steam Turbine Generator. Patum Rice Mill and Granary Public Company Limited found the team very helpful and effective and the report was excellent.
Rut Subniran - Chairman of Executive Committee


Peak Pacific Energy Ventures PTE Ltd - Singapore Peak Pacific Energy
During the last three years we have submitted various proposals which have required the identification of existing, surplus equipment in order to meet short deadlines for power production. In this we have been working with CESS who have supported us diligently and expertly and who have invariably been able to come up with an equipment option to fit our needs. We have found that the CESS organisation is efficient and easy to deal with and is thoroughly knowledgeable about this business. We have been satisfied with their performance and I have no hesitation in recommending them as a supplier or partner to a project.
Mike Ashburn - Vice President


Pentex Oil & Gas Ltd - United Kingdom Pentex
Combustion Energy and Steam Specialists Ltd, (CESS), have been used to provide introductions to and valuation of surplus power generation plant on behalf of Pentex Oil and Gas Ltd. We have found them to be very helpful, competent and professional and have no hesitation in recommending them for work of this nature.
Pete Baines


SABAH SHIPYARD SDN. BHD. - East Malaysia Sabah Shipyard
Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists Ltd. ("CESS") was commissioned by Sabah Shipyard Sdn. Bhd. to conduct Inspections and Valuations of our barge mounted power plants. CESS conducted the inspections and prepared the Inspection and Valuation reports to the satisfaction of our Management. We have no hesitation in recommending CESS's professional services.
Colin Ng


PSEG Global Ltd - United Kingdom PSEG Global Limited
In March 2000, PSEG Global appointed Combustion, Energy & Steam Specialists Ltd (CESS) as our evaluation consultants. We are pleased to confirm that the services provided by CESS during the co-ordination of the site visits and subsequent liaison with the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM´s) and other potential contractors for the dismantling, overhaul and relocation of the plant into Italy were efficient, diligent and most valuable. We would be accordingly be pleased to recommend CESS to any potential client in this or similar capacity and from their professionalism and track record we have every confidence in their overall project capabilities in this type of engineering support.
Dominique Chaniolleau - Director, Technical Services


PT Menemas - Indonesia PT Menemas
We are pleased to confirm that CESS have been supporting us on the development and establishment of a surplus equipment trading department within PT Indonesia Power (PTIP) previously PLN, the state utility here in Indonesia.
CESS's supporting contract involved the in-house training of PTIP's and our own personnel in the establishment and manipulation of surplus equipment databases, advice on Website design, preparation and drafting of standard sale and purchase agreements, option agreements, terms for sale and removal of surplus equipment from site, method statements, and other relevant invoice & contract documentation, etc.
This contract has progressed well to date and we can confirm that we are entirely satisfied wfth CESS's capabilities and their extensive market knowledge in this specialist field. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone with surplus equipment to dispose of.
Bakti S. Luddin - President Director


Rolls-Royce Power Ventures Limited - United Kingdom Rolls-Royce Power Ventures
RRPV approached Combustion, Energy & Steam Specialists Ltd and invited them to prepare a Market Valuation of the two 10 MW Stork diesel engines which we had in storage. CESS submitted an evaluation of the diesels, based on the residual life-span and operating history, cost of overhaul and re-installation with any replacement balance of plant required for completion, availability of replacement spare parts and service/overhaul support. Their valuation was also linked to the present availability and asking price of similar equipment and historical selling price of such plant. We can confirm that the services provided by CESS were both professional and competitive, enabling us to decide on best future disposal strategy.
Paul M Carey - Vice President


RUBU BILADI EST . - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rubu Biladi
We appointed Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists Ltd. (CESS) as our evaluation consultants. and requested they arrange a site inspection of our (2) Allison 50 I KB Gas Turbine Generators & related Equipment at our site in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We are pleased to confirm that the services provided by CESS during the co-ordination of the site visit and subsequent liaison was satisfactory and we would be accordingly be pleased to recommend CESS to any potential client in this or similar capacity and from their professionalism and track record we have every confidence in their overall project capabilities in this type of engineering supports.
Ali Mohamed AI-Ghamdi - Chairman and Managing Director


Siemens Power Generation - Malaysia Siemens Power Generation
I have been very pleased with your support throughout the years and especially with the success associated with our Westinghouse 501 projects. Since then we have stayed in close contact and hope that we can remain so for a number of years to come.
Eric Four - Director


Slough Heat & Power Limited - United Kingdom Slough Heat & Power Limited
We wish to confirm that CESS were instrumental in arranging the sale and disposal of a surplus fuel oil treatment plant from our premises in Slough and gave us every satisfaction in their professional approach to valuation and marketing.
J.G. Ballantyne


SORATEC - France Soratec
We hereby declare that C.E.S.S Limited, Scotland was and keep being a masterpiece in our trading organisation especially for the valuation of used power stations and generation equipment as well as for their very professional attitude in supporting projects. We recommend C.E.S.S Ltd for their efficiency and their know-how in all projects of that kind.
Gilbert Voisin - Projects Manager


TAMPERE POWER UTILITY - Finland Tampere Power Utility
Tampere Power Utility (Finland) owns a used GE-AEG Kanis Frame 5211 Gas Turbine and the associated equipment, which are for sale. In order to have a better outlook of the possible markets to the gas turbine and the updated value of the equipment, Tampere Power Utility and C.E.S.S. Ltd agreed a contract of preparing a valuation report. This valuation report on our Frame 5 was based on a visit to the current site of the turbine and the data available.
We appreciate the professional capability of CESS and we believe the report is beneficial to us and we can use the information to our satisfaction.
Olavi Toiva - Production Manager


TrustPower - New Zealand TrustPower
Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists Ltd (C.E.S.S) have been employed by TrustPower Ltd to source and value gas turbine generation plant suitable for relocation to NZ, with full operational history and relocation logistics. C.E.S.S have located potential plant, facilitated introductions and inspections, provided base valuations and relevant documentation and we have found C.E.S.S well informed on available plant with good knowledge of condition and value. They have provided a timely and professional service with good reporting.
Roger Burchett - Manager Generation Division


Tennessee Valley Authority - USA TVA
“I would like to thank Mike for a professional presentation and also for his frightening honesty!” - After presenting Mike Craigie’s review of TVA’s US$ 140 M nuclear stock of surplus, stored in 57 air conditioned warehouses, which CESS had valued at only US$ 8 M.
Paul R La Pointe - Vice President – Procurement


Peak Pacific Energy Ventures PTE Ltd - Singapore PTE

In July 2002, Combustion, Energy & Steam Specialists (CESS) were invited to submit a proposal to Peak Pacific International (China, PPIC) to provide a site inspection report, technical due diligence, and local support on behalf of PPIC on the performance assessment of two CCGT Power Plants in southern China. The first plant comprised two GE Frame 6 Gas turbines operating in CCGT mode with a combined output of around 105 Mw. The second plant consisted of one ABB GT13E2 operating as 1 -on- 1 CCGT plant with total output of around 240 Mw. CESS were subsequently engaged by PPIC and submitted detailed reports on the present performance, present and likely future costs for Operation & Maintenance (O&M), plus likely costs for future overhaul/upgrades, and modification to gas/dual firing.

Work was carried out in two separate stages: Stage 1 - Involved attendance at the scheduled shut-down and routine internal inspection of the gas turbines. CESS then prepared a report on the current condition of the gas turbines and their suitability for the intended operation of the plant in the future.

Stage 2 - Involved the inspection and evaluation of the entire plant in order to assess the current condition and suitability of the plant for the intended future operations. This included a report on the design features, current condition and plant integrity, operating performance and cost, capability of current operating team, life expectancy, and recommendations on modifications or improvements. We are pleased to confirm that the above work was carried out on schedule and within budget and we would accordingly have no hesitation in recommending CESS's services for any similar work. We would in fact hope to make use of CESS services ourselves again on any similar TDD (Technical Due Diligence) contracts involving gas or steam turbines.

Roy Dean - Vice President Commercial Peak Pacific Investment Company


Bank of America Image

We certainly do appreciate your candour in appraising us of a collapsing market with regard to the surplus GE 7FA gas turbines we engaged you to value. We need to be able to rely on the advice of market specialists like CESS, especially in niche markets like this one. If it wasn't for your quick reaction to changing market conditions, we might have made a big mistake!

Thanks also to Ken, George, David, Linda and the rest of your staff involved in this assignment. I am hopeful we can use your services again in the future, when the market has returned to some stability.

Chris Wall - Vice President (Equipment Management Group)


Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. – Cayman Islands
Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd utilized CESS in 2007 to assist with the sale of a used 2.5 MW Peter Brotherhood Steam turbine that was no longer in service. CESS were very responsive and proactive in searching for a potential buyer and subsequently this resulted in a successful sale of the steam turbine in December 2007.
In our experience with CESS, we have found them to be very professional and to have considerable
industry knowledge. They have very good marketing tools and a great network of client contacts.

David Watler - V.P. Production


CROWN Beverage Cans (Cambodia) Limited Image
<I have read through your draft report and find it very detailed and analytically precise. This will be useful for me to review our electricity status and plans with my regional head office in Singapore when I next meet in early January.

Please issue to me your invoice and I will follow up.
Michael Ruddick - General Manager


Tisa d.o.o. - Slovakia

CESS has helped us to source a suitable 1.3 MW steam turbine/generator/condenser set for our biomass power plant at an unbeatable price.
Their services were prompt and highly professional and we will gladly do business with them again and also recommend them to our business partners.
Marko Sercer - Assistant Director


Mitsui & Co., Ltd

Thank you for your report about turbine market information. We have read through the report and find that it has very efficient information and detail analysis about used turbine market price. This report was very helpful for us. We are satisfied with CESS’s professional service and have no hesitation in recommending CESS in our opinion.
Second Projects Development Division - First Department.


PowerSmith Cogeneration Project - USA

PowerSmith Cogeneration Project requested on site valuation assessment of the existing power plant & equipment. CESS responded very rapidly and provided a detailed market valuation of the facility & major equipment.
CESS responded with professional efficiency and market accuracy and I would un-hesitantly recommend their services to others.
Hubert E Bereman - General Manager

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