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With direct access to over 40,000 potential clients in 139 countries, receiving over 200 enquiries per month from buyers and sellers, and a current database of over 6,500 units including gas turbines, steam turbines and diesel engines; CESS have the experience, knowledge and professional connections to provide services to buy or sell any power plant assets. Our services include equipment valuation, worldwide marketing, equipment sourcing, power plant decommissioning and brokering final sale agreements. CESS now has over 20 years experience in the industry, valuing over 145,000 MW of equipment and selling over US$197 Million worth in client assets.


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Sourcing and Buying

  • Database of over 6,500 units of equipment worldwide provides wide reach to find required equipment.
  • Direct access to any immediately available equipment that CESS is currently selling.
  • Professional sourcing of equipment that is appropriate for its intended purpose relative to requirements of capacity, fuel, emissions etc.
  • Valuation report of equipment to determine suitability and actual value.
  • Brokering appropriate final sale agreement catering to the real value of capital assets.
  • Decommissioning and shipping of any purchased equipment.

Marketing and Sales

  • Proven sales record of 81 Gas Turbines, 37 Steam Turbines, 110 Diesel/Gas Engines and 45 Transformers.
  • Monthly CESS Sales Brochures reach over 40,000 potential clients in 139 countries.
  • Access to any ‘urgent buyers’ that CESS are currently under contract to source equipment for awaiting projects.
  • CESS receives over 100 buyer enquiries per month from clients looking for specific power plant equipment.
  • Our CESS Valuation Report of equipment determines technical value, market value and appropriate course of action to make use of real value.


“We need to be able to rely on the advice of market specialists like CESS, especially in niche markets like this one. If it wasn't for your quick reaction to changing market conditions, we might have made a big mistake!”

- Chris Wall, Vice President (Equipment Management Group) – Bank of America

“The services provided by CESS were both professional and competitive, enabling us to decide on best future disposal strategy.”

- Paul M Carey, Vice President – Rolls-Royce Power Ventures Limited

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